Frequently Asked Questions



Where did you get the graphics for this site?
From several sources including the Dragon Age Wiki and Dragon Age RPG Books

Where did the text come from?
Primarily from the Dragon Age Wiki

What should I bring?
3 d6, a pencil, post-it notes, and your character sheet

What about food/drink?
You are welcome to bring items for yourself or to share. Occasionally, I may cook a meal

Is alcohol ok?

Can I stay overnight?
Sure. If you’ve over indulged or are too tired to drive, I have a guest room for you.

Can I bring the kids?
Preferably no. My house is not in any way childproof. If you must bring them, please let me know in advance so that I can put stuff up. This does not mean that the house will then be childproof – just a little less dangerous.

Do you have pets?
Yes, I have three small-ish sized dogs.

Do I have to buy a player’s guide?
No. If you need a player’s guide, please let me know.

What if I can’t make a session?
Please contact the GM, use the Calendar RSVP system, and/or post in the forum thread.

How often do we meet?
Every other Friday. Time TBD

Where did your layout code come from?
Mainly from A God…Rebuilt and Dresden Files Dallas



Frequently Asked Questions

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